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Leofrings (pré-Eothraim )
« le: février 21, 2018, 15:30:03 pm »
The Leofrings are Northmen of the same stock as the Rohirrim, which is to say that they are tall and brawny, fair of skin and light eyed. They are generally fair haired and the younger men tend to be clean shaven, but sport moustaches. Both sexes wear their hair long. Men favour it loose although veteran warriors often plait the hair at their temples as a mark of their standing. Young girls wear their hair long and loose but older, especially married, women tie theirs in two long plaits. Both of these are customs that date back to the time of their ancestors on the plains of Rhovanion. The most distinctive feature of any warrior of the Leofrings however, is a slightly bow legged gait. The mark of a life spent in the saddle.

The Leofrings speak both Westron and the Rohirric tongue of their neighbours in the Mark.
They tend to favour names that are Rohirric in style.

Male Names: Aldor, Bregdan, Brego, Derngar, Dunhere, Eomod, Eomund, Eorl, Fastred, Feolca, Gamling, Grimbold, Guthlaf, Haldred, Haleth, Herumer, Leofr, Walda

Female Names: Barhilda, Dernwyn, Eohilda, Gleowyn, Herufrid, Theoda, Theofrid

Horse Names: Arod, Hasufel, Felarof, Firefoot, Shadowfax, Snowmane, Windfola

Standard of Living
The Leofrings possess little in the way of wealth and much of what they had was stolen from them during the sack of Dwarrowhall. Many have little more than than the clothes on their back and such possessions as they managed to retain during their flight. Their standard of living is considered to be Frugal Martial.

Bonus Equipment: Riding Horse, traveling cloak, traveling gear for the current season, backpack or saddlebag, belt dagger, 2d6 silver pennies, plus choose one from: hand carved gaming set, drinking horn, decorative cloak clasp, leather arm-band or choker.

Leofrings Traits

Ability Score Increases - Your Wisdom score increases by 1, and you may increase any two additional ability scores by 1.

Adventuring Age - 16-30
The Leofrings don’t usually become adventurers before their 16th year of age, and rarely continue beyond their forties.

Size - The Leofrings, men and women, are generally tall. Generally well over 5 feet and often above 6 feet. Your size is Medium.

Speed - Your base walking speed is 30 feet.

Horse Mastery - you have proficiency in the Animal Handling skill.

Mounted Combat - you have proficiency in the use of the Tall Spear, both when mounted and when afoot.

Starting Virtue - You gain one Leofrings Cultural Virtue of your choice.

Languages - Vale of Anduin Tongue, as well as the Common Tongue (Westron).

New Equipment

Tall Spear (martial weapon)
Damage 1d8 piercing   Properties: Reach, Thrown (20/60), versatile (1d10)
Weight 4lb   cost 8s


   Glinting Spear (Tall Spear)

When Eorl the Young took the Eotheod South to aid Gondor, they wielded tall spears of ash, topped with sharp heads of cold steel. The Leofrings continue to use these tall spears, with some of their hafts cut from the trees of the ancient Greenwood.

Glinting spears give a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with such weapons. On a successful attack in the first round of mounted melee combat, a Glinting Spear does +3 damage, reduced to +2 for a first round of dismounted melee combat.

•   Horn of Battle
The Leofrings use the braying of horns to announce their arrival on the field of battle.

The bearer of such a horn can sound its clarion call as a half-move action just before or during combat, a number of foes equal to your Proficiency bonus + Charisma modifies (mimimun of 2) must make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 8 + your proficiency bonus + your charisma modifies). Tose who fail gain disadvantage on their next attack roll. Those who roll a "1" also are struck numb with fear and automatically concede Initiative and strike last.

•   Horsehair Plume
A mark of distinction amongst all the horsemen of Wilderland, this tradition dates back to the time when Prince Vidugavia united most of the clans into a single Kingdom of Rhovanion, where a horsehair crest was fixed to the helmet of a Captain or Champion as recognition of his deeds or rank.

Wearing such a plume grants a +1 bonus to your Armour Class. Additionally, you can spend a point of Inspiration to lift the spirits of those around you, removing one level of exhaustion or granting +1 to hit on their next attack (chosen by them based on need).


•   Horse Whisperer
Your skill and ability with horses is peerless. Never do you resort to laying on the whip or applying spurs, yet it seems that you can urge your mount on to ever greater feats of endurance while still keeping it hale. You are at home more on horseback than on foot.

You have advantage in Wisdom (Animal Handling) ability checks whenever dealing with horses. In addition, you add double your proficiency bonus to the check, instead of your normal proficiency bonus. Both also apply to Wisdom (medicine) ability checks made to heal your horse.

•   Old Songs and Children's Tales
See AiME Player's Handbook, pg 115

•   Vidugavia's Honour
Ever since the days when Vidugavia kept his oaths to the King of Gondor and made war upon his eastern kin, it has become commonly said that 'a Horseman's word is his bond'. The Leofrings pride themselves upon this perceived honesty and integrity.

Gain proficiency in Insight. Additionally, gain an advantage on a number of Insight rolls equal to your Wisdom modifier which is recharged after a long rest. The hero also is treated as one step higher on the Cultural Attitudes Chart (AiME PH, pg 193) by anyone who would start at Askance or higher.

•   Trusty Steed
There have always been tales that there are those among the Leofrings who can actually converse with their mounts. A character with this virtue names his steed and in doing so, forms an unbreakable bond of friendship with it.

Raise your Wisdom score by 1 point.

Add your proficiency bonus to the steed's AC, attack rolls, damage rolls, saving throws, and skills. Its hit points are equal to 2d10+(your level-d10)+3. The steed heals using your Hit Dice pool. The Steed obeys your commands. On your turn, you may use your action to command the Steed to take an Attack, Dash, Dodge, Disengage, or Help action. If you have the Extra Attack feature, you can make one weapon attack yourself while commanding your Steed to Attack.

The 'trusty steed' will always come at its master's command and can be trained to assist him in any 'one' of the following skill rolls: Intimidation, Investigation, and Perception. When you first take this virtue, your Steed learns to assist you with one of the above skills. It takes a Fellowship phase worth of training to teach your Steed to complete an additional task, or to learn to fight without requiring a command from you.

When the character makes a roll for the skill that has been imparted to the mount, that roll is made with advantage. In addition, you count as proficient in the skill even if you are not - and if you are proficient, you get to double your proficiency bonus.

As a Fellowship phase undertaking, you may train your Steed to Attack, Dash, Disengage, Dodge, or Help without requiring a command from you. Each action takes a separate Fellowship phase to train your Steed.

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