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Updated skills
« le: août 11, 2009, 11:56:09 am »
Use the force:

Breath control (trained only)[KORC]:
You can use the force to help you hold your breath for an extended period of time. A successful DC15 use the force check allows you to hold your breath for a number of rounds equals to twice your CON score before having to succeed Endurance checks to continue to hold your breath.

Move light object (trained only) [CW]:
You can use this application of the skill to catch and move a thrown weapon such as grenades, that lands within your reach. The object can weight no more than 5kg. you must ready an action to catch the object on your turn, before the object is thrown. Moving the object requires a Use the Force check DC equals to the attack roll of the thrown weapon. if you succeed on this check, you catch the object with the force and can immediately move the object up to 6 squares away from you; otherwise, resolve the attack  as normal. if the object you caught is an explosive, such as a grenade, it explodes at the end of its movement. You can use the object caught as a projectile weapon, as normal.

Place other in force trance (trained only) [CW]:
As a full round action, you can place an adjacent willing ally that you touch into a Force Trance with a DC 15 Use the Force check. In this state, the target ally rests as tough in a deep coma and is considered helpless. Each hour the target remains in the trance, the target regains a number of hit points equal to its character level. You can bring an adjacent ally you touch out of a Force Trance as a swift action, but the target cannot otherwise come out of the Force Trance on his or her own. If the target remains in Force Trance for a 4 consecutive hours, the target emerges from the trance fully rested (as though the target had rested for 8 hours).
While the target ally is in a Force Trance, it can go ten times as long as normal without air, food, or water (see Endurance skill on page 66 of SE). Unwilling target cannot be placed in a Force Trance.


Climbing in low or high gravity[KORC]
When climbing in low gravity environnemts, Climb DCs are halved and movement is double.
When climbing in high gravity environnements, Climb DCs are doubled and climb speed is halved (min 1 square).


Long falls [KORC]:
When falling great distances, you can attempt to use your Acrobatics skill to guide your descent. Make a DC 20 Acrobatics check to land on a target near a square you would normally land in. You can adjust your target by 1 square for every 60 meters fallen. Gamemasters can give favorable or unfavorable circumstance adjustements to the check based on mitigating circumstances -for example, the amount of wind or the favorable use of equipment, such as baggy clothing.

Catch item (trained only) [SV]:
Whenever you successfully disarm your opponent, you can make a DC20 acrobatics check as a free action. If the Acrobatics check succeeds, you snatch the objet from the air. You must have at least one hand free to grad the item.

Escarpe artist (trained only) [SV]:
By increasing the DC by 10, you can reduce the time required to Escape Bonds (see page 63 of the Saga Edition core rulebook). Escaping a grapple takes a move action; escaping a net or moving 1 square through a tight space requires a standard action; and only 5 rounds are required to escape from ropes, binder cuffs or manacles.

Nimble Charge (trained only) [SV]:
If you succeed on a DC25 Acrobatics check, you can charge through low objects and difficult terrain. If you fail this check, you cannot attack at the end of your movement. You can combine this use with the Cross Difficult Terrain use (see page 63 SE); however, the DC increase by 35.


Alternate Story (trained only) [SV]
Whenever you fail a Deception check to convey deceptive information or a deceptive appearance, you can immediately attempt a second Deception check to avert suspicion. This second check is at a -10 penalty.

Cheat (trained only) [SV]:
When you gamble (see page 47 SE), you can use deception to improved your chances to win. However, your risk getting caught. When gambling against other characters, you can substitute your Deception check for your WIS check, but your opponents are entitled to a Perception check to catch you in the act. If the Perception check result equals or exceeds your Deception check, they detect your cheating.
Gambling against the house is far riskier. if your Deception check fails to beat the location's security (DC15 for common locations, DC25 for good locations, and DC 35 or higher for the best), you are caught and the house responds as appropriate.

Group feint (trained only) [SV]:
You can feint multiple target at once as a full round action. You can target any number of opponents who are clearly visible and who are within 6 squares of you. Each target beyond the first imposes a -5 penalty on your Deception check. You roll just once to set the DC for your opponents' initiative checks. Any opponent whose roll you beat is treated as flat footed against him in the next round. 

Innuendo (trained only) [SV]:
You can use the Deception to transmit a secret message to another character trained in Deception. You do so by using subtle hand gestures, slipping in code words, and using body language. The DC depends on the complexity of the communication. A simple message in which you convey general concepts is a DC10. Complex message that involve multiple steps or complicated information start at DC 15 and can rise as high as DC25.
Any character who can both see and hear the transmitted message is entitled to a Perception check to decipher the message. The DC is equal to the Deception check DC. The gamemaster can modify the DC for environmental factors such as loud noise, dim lighting, and distance.
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